We realise that not everyone might be ready to join us at our full Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings (If you are, call us on the number below), so we decided to give you an experience of how NLP can help you learn faster and improve your memory, become a better teacher and have unshakable confidence.

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Check out these frequently asked questions.

Why The Tad James Co?

What sets us apart:

  • Motivating and inspiring positive change in people for over 32 years
  • Accredited National and International Certification Trainings
  • Real-world experience and application whilst learning your skills in the training room
  • Course schedules running locally and internationally
  • Industry NLP leaders in Australia and USA
  • On-going lifetime support to all students with our dedicated in-house coaching team
  • “Four” Certifications at both levels of NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training
  • Comprehensive and updated pre study material
  • Creator of Time Line Therapy® -Learn from the Masters!
Can NLP Help With ADD?

Many people wrongly believe that children and adults that have been labeled as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have trouble learning because of their “Condition”, when in reality the real problem is that they are not being taught in a way that engages them to want to learn.

If you are looking to learn NLP so that you can engage your students, have them pay attention with minimal disruption to the classroom, then NLP will help you understand how to elicit what is important them and deliver your message in a way that gets through.

If on the other hand, you find learning harder than you think it should be, or just plain boring, then NLP will help you understand why this is and how you can change your situation or the way the way you are thinking about the situation, so that absorbing and recalling information becomes effortless.

Is This For Me?

NLP training is for you is you want to:

  • Control the connection between your mind, emotions and behavior
  • Learn how to control conversations
  • Define what you really want in life
  • Become an expert in motivation
  • Increase your ability to communicate and build instant rapport with anyone
  • You want more control over your life
  • Learn how to coach yourself and others
  • You want to learn how to get better results in your career / business, and have more free time to what you want
Can NLP Help With Memory?

Yes. You have probably heard someone say “Oh, I forgot I just have a bad memory”, this is untrue. The memory is inside, it’s usually the recall that needs a little help.

Through the use of NLP, we teach many memory and recall strategies that can be used when sitting exams or just remembering people’s names.

We were once impressed to find out that a student had used these same NLP memory strategies to remember every dish and drink up to 12 people were having in a restaurant she worked in, all WITHOUT the use of a notepad or ordering system.


If you are looking to use NLP for accelerated learning or to become an accelerated learning teacher and you are still unsure if NLP is for you. You may want one of our Certified NLP Master Practitioners to call you back and give you examples of how NLP will help in any learning environment. Simply fill in the form to the right and one of our amazing support team will call you to give you more information.